Specialist residential care and education for children and young people. Registered by Care Inspectorate

Our values and principles are based on those of GiRFEC - Getting it right for every Child -  which are underpinned by common values and principles that apply across all aspects of working with children and young people. These values and principles  are based on the knowledge, research and experience expressed in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989) and build on the Scottish Children’s Charter (2004). GiRFEC  is reflected within our standards, policies and procedures and is practiced by our staff.

Our primary aim is to provide the best opportunity for personal success for young people who may have social, emotional, behavioural  and/or specific complex needs. Each young person in our care, whether residential or a day student, has an individual plan. The plans are focussed through GiRFEC led tools and have indentified outcomes sought, which are agreed through multi agency working, with the young person in the lead role, via many different forums i.e. My World Triangle - Wellbeing Web - Shanarri Indicators - and Key Working Sessions.

Our philosophies are based on an affirmative coaching model, focussed on potential rather than difficulties and are used to support and assist personal growth and change-finding individual success, whatever that may be for each young person. The plans are designed to be implemented as soon as a young person becomes resident with us and allow for more focused individual work to be undertaken with young people over a longer period.

We use GiRFEC and the tools that support it - Shanarri Health - Wellbeing Indicators - My World Triangle - The Wellbeing Web - in all our assessment and planning, which is linked through Care and Education incorporating 24 hr learning opportunities. The Wellbeing Web is an interactive and engaging model for health and wellbeing indicators. SAFE, HEALTHY, ACHIEVING, NURTURED, ACTIVE, RESPECTED, RESPONSIBLE and INCLUDED are invaluable indicators, as they provide a context for identifying and recording concerns and are used as a framework for:-

  • analysis of further information gathered from the 'My World Triangle'
  • setting goals
  • identifying actions to be taken to enable the desired outcomes
  • to provide clear objectives against which the plan can be reviewed

Information gathered through these assessments help us to measure outcomes.

Holistic Childcare and Education